Retired engineer.

Hobbies: Personal Finance and Investing, Science, History, Poker, Guitar, Golf, Hiking, Wine, Cooking, Travel, Movies, Museums.

I started this project during the Covid pandemic when I lost access to some of my hobbies.

I am not interested in monetizing the material presented on this site, in any way. The articles are password-protected and only intended for my friends and family and anyone they choose to provide with access. If you possess the password and read any articles, you tacitly accept that the information on this site is FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Do not make any personal financial decisions based on any of this material without talking to a financial professional.

Also, I am not really interested in any feedback, positive or negative. Except from family or friends, preferably via some form of direct, interactive communication.

That said, I like to help brainstorm solutions to personal finance puzzles. So if you are in the Philadelphia area, and want to treat me to a craft beer at a local pub, I could be up for some puzzle solving. Drop me a note via my Contact page.